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  • Medieval guarantees this product to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship. This guarantee is for the original purchaser/wielder only.

  • If the Medieval product is damaged from out of the packaged and is encompassed with a warranty scroll, it must be filled out and returned within fifteen (15) days of purchase.

  • When conducting the return process, the cost of shipping the product back to Medieval and any labor charges incurred through said process shall not be covered. In spite of this, Medieval shall cover the shipping costs of the replacement item back to the claimed original wielder/purchaser.

  • Medieval will replace this product at no other incurred cost if it cracks, bends, or breaks under “normal riding conditions”. Medieval defines the term normal riding conditions as stated “Using the bicycle in a controlled comfortable fashion that is within your own capabilities.” This warranty does not include normal wear, neglect, improper use, improper assembly, general product abuse, or damage to the product that is caused by outside forces such as swords, automobiles, earthquakes, demigods, etc.

  • Medieval reserves the right to refuse replacement or offerings of a replacement at the reduced cost for products believed to be damaged outside the realm of the “normal riding conditions” described above. Medieval also reserves the right to exchange a damaged product with an alternate model that is within reasonability and/or of equal value to be a more suitable replacement. The finishing of this product is not covered by this warranty.

  • Modifying our product in a questionable manner such as( cutting a handlebar grip area to size or fork steerer tube) will void the warranty. Modifications must be approved by Medieval and performed by a licensed professional bicycle mechanic.

  • For any questions in regard to said warranty please contact Medieval with any issues you are having with our product(s), even if ye do not feel that such issues are covered under this warranty policy. We, here at Medieval will strive to do our best to take care of any issue you are having with our products.



Three(3) month warranty for all American made Medieval frames & thirty(30) day warranty on all other frames, forks & handlebars against material defects, craftsmanship defects. Breaks, cracks, & bends will be handled on a case by case basis.


Fourteen(14) day warranty against material defects, craftsmanship defects, breaks, and cracks.

Seven(7) day warranty against manufacturer defects only. This includes parts such as tires, seats, pegs, plastic pedal bodies, and plastic hub guards. These items are designed to have a limited lifespan and are not covered against cracks, breaks, rips, tears or wear.


Seven(7) day warranty against manufacturer defects only (ex. sewing defects and misprints).


Products that have been warrantied already will only be covered with a fourteen (14) day manufacturer defect warranty, and not the full warranty that would be issued at conception. These items may not be warrantied a second time and will be treated on a case by case basis.


Use Medieval products at your own risk. These products have been engineered and manufactured using the best materials, Blacksmiths, and craftsmanship available and are intended to be used by an experienced bicycle rider. These products are to be installed or assembled by an experienced or licensed bicycle mechanic and used only in the manner intended by the bicycle manufacturer. Be sure to follow any enclosed instructions when installing any Medieval products. Do not use this product if defective or damaged. The purchaser or user assumes all risks associated with the use of this product.



  1. If you have a broken, defective, or malfunctioning Medieval product that you believe is covered under our warranty policy, you may submit a claim on our website at

  2. When submitting a warranty claim, you will be required to provide the following information: Full name, address, email, phone number, product information, place of purchase, proof of purchase, photos of the faulty product, and a description of the claim.

  3. Once you have submitted the warranty claim, it will be reviewed by the Medieval warranty department. The warranty department will then contact you with a customer warranty (CW#) along with any further instructions.

  4. After the Medieval warranty department has issued your CW#, you must then send the defective product back to Medieval. The return package must be clearly labeled with the CW#.

  5. Once Medieval examines the product in question and determines if it is defective or faulty, your product will then be replaced free of charge. Warrantied products are subject to repair, availability or alternative products deemed more suitable by Medieval. The exact color and/or model product is not guaranteed.



  1. For persons living outside of America; please contact the Medieval distributor in the country which you've purchased the Medieval product from and have that organization contact us.

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